David Owuor - Prepare The Way

  • Day: Sunday Time: 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Prepare the way!

This is the time to be holy to deliberately and intentionally choose righteousness and pursue the righteousness of the LORD that you may see the Glorious coming of the LORD. How powerful it will be when now the LORD returns with the Blessed ones the Precious ones the Chosen ones and he brings them after they are raptured here going to heaven and He comes with them according to the Book of Revelation 19:11 down.  Coming with them  that heavenly host swearing fine linen bright and clean coming back to Jerusalem when the Messiah will now sit on this eternal throne. This throne that the LORD with His covenant with David He said, “And your throne and your reignship, your rulership, your throne, your throne will endure forever before me!”

Watch him on lighthouse television every sunday at XX :30pm and repeats on monday at 9:00am.


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