Ricky Dodzweit - The Word

Ricky Dodzweit airs a program THE WORD on LTV every Saturday at 5pm. Ricky is not just the youth pastor in the school and church, but he has a demanding television ministry, Youths (many young Muslims) are always coming to him asking for more teachings. He is on great demand by government run schools to come and share his faith.... praise the Lord!

 The Eagle's Nest Ministries was the dream and vision of Butch and Janeffer Dodzweit, which they began to create when they returned to Uganda in 1987 (after the war of liberation). The Dodzweits are continuing a work that was begun many years ago by Butch's parents. They had established nearly 500 churches in Uganda and surrounding areas.

Today, Ricky Dodzweit has a strong ministry to the youth of Uganda (many of whom are Muslim). He speaks at the university and has a weekly television ministry. Jonathan and Shane are completing their education in the United States, and will soon be returning to Uganda.


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