We broadcast mostly Trinity Broadcasting Network and Local Ugandan programming.

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I Shine Connect

Have you ever experienced teens ministering to kids in authentic worship, personal testimony, video and live music?

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Irene Manjeri - His Touch

Pastor Irene Manjeri is the founder of Bethel Healing Centre Ministries, which owns a string of churches and orphanages

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Isaiah Mbunga - The Encounter

Christ Heart Ministries International is a holistic ministry that mentors leaders for generational impact. As our supreme model – Jesus Christ

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Ivan Lugolobi - Revive your life

Ivan is the pastor of Revival center in matugga,The story of the Revival Centre started in the year 2000 when retired vicar Roger Fry met Pastor Ivan in Matugga.consider watchig his program on LTV every first two sundays of a month at 6:00PM

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Ivan Van Vuuren - Xtreme Life

Xtreme life Join our host, extreme athlete, Ivan van Vuuren, as each episode he and the XL crew deliver a message of life while taking us behind the scenes, deep into the world of action sports.

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