Face Reality

Face Reality is back on Lighthouse Television for another seasons premier.

She is back for another season’s premier! Wait, did i just say she is back? Yeah thats right, Ndundu is back with “Face Reality.” She is back with the best guests, topics for discussion and much more that will interest you in this show.
Challenges have been coming our way and we didn’t know how to handle them. We make mistakes to correct mistakes! Though challenges make life interesting, trust me it can never be interesting in that hard time when you are going through it and it is really hurting. It ain’t interesting at all!!!! It can only be interesting when Ndundu is talking about and she is helping us understand this reality and how to deal with these problems. Because in the end she helps us understand what we are going through. This is the reason she is back for another season’s premier.
Don’t miss these interesting episodes from our lovely counselor every Sunday at 5:00 pm and repeats on Friday at 11:00 am only on Lighthouse Television. God bless you.