Digital Migration

LTV would like to encourage all our viewers to buy the one-time-buy set top boxes. When you are buying this one-time-buy decoder is genuine if it has a UCC stamp. This is a regulation that has been put by UCC. You can find these one-time-buy decoders at UCC house.


Where to Buy a Set Top Box for Digital Migration

Date of Issue:

Friday, 27th June 2014

Expiry Date:

Thursday, 31st December 2015



The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has type-approved Free-to-Air Set Top Boxes (STBs) or Decoders for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Uganda. Details of vendors dealing in Type Approved STBs can be found on the UCC an abstract is provided below:





Trans-African Container Transport Limited

P.O. Box 3182, Kigali , RWANDA
T: +250-78-8301110 
F: +250-503436

Abdul Ndarubogoye


Syscorp International Limited

Plot 40 Bukoto Street 
P.O. Box 4818, KAMPALA T: +256-41-4541 532 
F: +256-41-542388

Steven Opeitum


Brivid Uganda Limited

Oasis Mall Basement, 
P.O. Box 23101, Kampala, UGANDA

Grace Bridget Kasaija


Icomsys Africa Limited

Block 1-8 Brown Flats – Bukoto, P.O. Box 4650, KAMPALA

Suresha Chourappa


Widestar Digital (U) Limited

P.O Box 23725, KAMPALA

Geoffrey Kabaale

+256-75-0802910, +256-39-2968129

eWorld Technologies Limited

Woodlands Office Park, Woodlands Road 
Off State House Road
P.O Box 44621-00100 Nairobi, KENYA

John Kimondiu and Betty Byamugisha




UCC advises consumers to restrict their purchases to vendors whose STBs have been type approved by the Commission. Please contact us:
Toll Free: 0800 133911
Twitter - @ucc_official
Facebook – Uganda Communications Commission



Digital TV Migration Uganda: Here’s a complete list of Free-To-Air channels and decoder vendors

Uganda has an estimated 6-7 million TV sets. If we estimate each household owning a Television to have an estimate of 5 people living together, that’s about 30 million Television viewers.

Of the 6-7 million TV sets, only about 300,000 are hooked to Pay TV stations according to the latest Stats from Uganda Communication Commission(UCC). That’s a mere 5% Television sets currently able to receive digital TV services. That means the remaining 95% are watching TV with Free-to-air(FTA) channels as opposed to subscription-based Pay-per-view(PPV) channels.

Free-to-air(FTA) channels

But what are Free-to-air(FTA) channels? These are TV (and radio) channels that are broadcasted in clear unencrypted format. In other words, you don’t need special equipment requiring subscription model in order to view or listen to the broadcasted content. Just your TV and an antennae for the case of analogue TV or a Free-to-air decoder for Digital TV.

Pay-per-view(PPV) channels

Pay-per-view(PPV) channels are entirely the opposite of FTA channels. PPV channels are encrypted by Pay TV providers who supply their customers with special decoding equipment or decoders that unscramble the encrypted TV signals. This usually requires subscribers to pay a monthly subscription fee to Pay TV provider before they can view the content.

Digital Pay TV Providers in Uganda

Currently there are 5 operational Digital Pay TV providers in Uganda and they include Multichoice’s satellite TV service DSTV Uganda and its Digital Terrestrial Television(DTT) cousin Go TV Uganda. DSTV requires viewers to have a satellite Dish and a decoder while Go TV only expects users to have a decoder to watch TV. Startimes Uganda has a similar model. They have StarSat which is their satellite service and a Startimes DTT service which only needs a decoder. The other providers are Zuku and AzamTV Uganda which are both digital satellite TV providers. Lastly, Simba TV, a merger between Kampala Siti Cable Ltd (KSCL) and TVNXT, provides not just digital TV services but also Internet.

Pay TV providers in Uganda also offer Free-to-air channels. However, they are only active when your subscription hasn’t expired. Should your subscription expire, you won’t be able to watch them apart from UBC.

List of Free-to-air channels in Uganda

Free-to-air channels include UBC, WBS, NTV, NBS, Lighthouse TV, Record TV, Capital, Bukedde TV, BTN TV, Bunyoro TV, EATV, Family TV, Top TV, Kakira Sugar TV, Channel 44, Top TV, Urban TV, Northern TV, and TV WA. These channels will continue to be free even after the migration from analogue to digital broadcasting. But you’ll need a Free-to-air decoder to access them if you are not subscribed to any of the Pay TV providers.

List of Free-to-air decoder vendors in Uganda

UCC has licensed a number of companies to sell certified digital DVB-T2 decoders or Set-top-boxes to the public. They include Trans-African Container Transport, Syscorp International, Brivid, Icomsys Africa and World Technologies among others. See the table below for the entire list.

Approved Set Top Box Vendors






Widestar Digital (U) Ltd

2nd floor Madhvani Building, Plot 99/101, Buganda Rd, P.O Box 23725, Kampala


BIT Technologies (U) Ltd.

Aggrey House Building, Plot 84 Kinawataka Road, Kireka, P.O Box 74504, Kampala, Uganda

+256 783000753

Mac Viva Global Holdings Ltd

Seeta Plaza, Jinja Rd, Seeta trading Centre, Mukono Municipality, P.O Box 4023, Kampala, Uganda

+256 779111
256 706 600 218 
+256 783 000 753

Future Electronics (U) Ltd.

Plot M806 Channel Lane Bugolobi, 
P.O Box 27993,

Tel: 0414 222 600, 
Tel: 0759 888 888

Roise de Classe (U) Ltd.

Bbunga Ggaba Rd,

Tel: 0782 511 033, 
Tel: 0701 126 713

Icomsys Africa Ltd.

UMA Show Ground - Lugogo Opp. UMA Head Office
P.O.Box 4650

+256 784 445 063

Brivid Uganda Ltd.

Oasis Mall Basement, P.O Box 23101, Kampala

+256 758 882 211

Trans-African Container Transport Ltd

P.O. Box 40292, KAMPALA 
T: +256-39-2966303 
F: +250-503436

+250 788 301110 
+250 788 352997

eWorld Technologies Limited

Colline House – Opp Nic house.
Pilkington Road.
P.O Box 12031, KAMPALA

+254 20 2582964
+254 724 799755

Kagadi Technical Services

P.O Box 5998, Kampala

+256 772 881715 , 
+256 779 032674, 
+256 772 580055

Price of Free-to-air decoder in Uganda

Widestar Digital (U) Ltd, one of the approved vendors has Free-to-air decoders going for a price of UGX 165,000 and includes outdoor antenna. Brivid Uganda Ltd located at Oasis Mall Basement is selling their decoders at a slightly higher price of Ugx 180,000. Startimes Light decoder also gives you access to Free-to-air channels and goes for a price of only UGX 8,000. Those who get the Light decoder will have to pay an additional UGX 41,500 which entitles them to up to 7 months of digital TV on the Nova bouquet or package. However, should their subscription expire, they can still access Free-to